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About Us

The company “Center of Fastener” / “Центр Крепежа” had started its activity in 2000 in Almaty. The main activities are wholesale and retail trade of fastening materials, hand and measuring tools, rigging. Over the years, the company “Center of Fastener” / “Центр Крепежа” has achieved great success and established itself in the market of Kazakhstan as one of the leading companies for the sale of fasteners and tools. The company is the official distributor of leading manufacturing firms from Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China, Taiwan. The criteria for selecting suppliers are the reliability, stability and quality of their products. On the company’s trading areas we offer you over 20,000 products of such famous brands as Fischer, Wkret-Met, Friulsider, Etanco, Marintech, Stabila, Diager, Hans and many others. For 18 years of active performance, the “Center of Fastener” Company has created a wide dealer and branch networks in all regions of Kazakhstan: 65 retail stores in 20 cities selling construction fasteners, construction chemicals, hand and measuring tools, power tools and consumables.

In 2010, “Center of Fastener” / “Центр Крепежа” LLP run its own production of dowel machinery on the industrial base in Almaty. A few years later, the company expanded its production base and now manufactures goods in several directions:

  • production of composite fiberglass reinforcement, mesh;
  • production of dowels of nails, dowels for thermal insulation complete with plastic and composite rods;
  • production of plastic boxes, storage trays;
  • painting of fasteners.

The policy of our company is aimed at achieving and maintaining the following goals:

  • Manufacture and implementation of exclusively high-quality fasteners;
  • Reaching the minimum time for delivery of fasteners directly to the customer;
  • Manufacture of fasteners in accordance with applicable standards and norms;
  • Professional approach to resolving emerging issues;

As the range of products and geography of the company’s work increases, the qualifications and knowledge of our employees increase too, who will be able to answer questions about our products, the selection of analogues, in accordance with standards, etc.

There are times when it is not possible to uniquely choose the optimal solution for a particular task that occurs in the process of production, installation or construction. In such cases, demonstration tests at the site are the best solution to this problem. The specialists of the company, having previously familiarized themselves with the task, will select several solutions and conduct demonstration tests directly at your production or construction site. As a result, it will be possible to choose the optimal solution.

We are sure that we can help you, and we are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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